Wednesday, February 1, 2012



Dear friend.  Why do you stress out because of the tests life throws at you?  Why do you fear you will not pass?  Why do you fear you would fall?  When your fate has already been written.  Allah (swt) knows exactly what is going to happen.  It has already been determined for you.  So why worry about the results?  You may not get the thing you are aiming for.  To the world you may seem like a failure.  But does it really matter what the world thinks of you?  As long as to Allah (swt) is pleased with you, that's all that matters, doesn't it?

Allah (swt) does everything for the best.  So what if you fail?  So what if things don't turn out the way you wanted them to be?  If you get the things you hope to get, alhamdulillah.  If you don't, alhamdulillah.  Know that Allah (swt) is the best of planners, and he has planned something better for you.  So what if to the world you seem like a failure?  If those aunties talk about you?  If your parents are disappointed?  If you fail to make the ends meet?  As long as you try your best, and remain thankful to Allah (swt), he will reward you.  Victory will be yours in the end.  You will have a good ending.  these things in the middle, these mishaps in the middle are your tests.  Tests may be painful, but it is those painful times when we learn the most, when we learn to become stronger.  These tests are your blessings.  They make you realize how weak you are, and how powerful Allah (swt).  They may be painful, but know they are happening for the best.  Use them to your advantage.  Hold on to the rope of Allah (swt), use your tests to get closer to him, and in the end you will be a winner.

Dear friend.  Your job is not to win.  Your job is not to succeed.  For that only comes from Allah (swt).  Your job is to strive, to try your best.  Put YOUR best effort, tie your camel, then whatever that happens, be content because it is from Allah (swt).  Why stress yourself out and make things more difficult for yourself?  Just try your best and leave the results up to Allah (swt).  Have a mindset, that regardless of what happens, you will say alhamdulillah.  

Remember the story of Maryam (as).  When she was pregnant, and she was sitting under a date tree?  She was weak and alone.  Allah (swt) asked her to shake that date tree.  Now realistically speaking, can a weak and vulnerable pregnant lady really shake a tree?  Even a strong man can't do that by himself.  Allah (swt) is most wise.  He knew that she could not do that.  But he asked her to do so because he wanted to show us that regardless of our condition, we must try.  Alone we can never achieve anything.  We are weak human beings ourselves.  But if we try for his sake, he will take that little effort that we are putting, he will put barakah into it and he will give us big results like he did for Maryam (as).  Our job is not to achieve, and not to make things happen.  Our job is to put effort.  Result comes from him.

So whatever is meant to happen will happen.  There is NOTHING you can do to stop it.  You are just a weak human being.  So have faith.  Go there and fight.  This is your jihad.  Fight for his sake.  Everyday wake up and do your best to be the best servant of his that you can.  Trust him, turn to him, and praise him for everything.  Even if everything falls apart, know that at the end Allah (swt) will grant you victory.  Whether you see it in this life immediately, couple of years down the line, or even in the day of the judgement.  So smile and say alhamdulillah :)
Faith means, no worrying. Faith is passionate intuition. Every tomorrow has two handles -- we can take hold of it with the handle of anxiety or the handle of faith. He who has faith has an inward reservoir of courage, hope, confidence, calmness, and assuring trust that all will come out well, even though to the world it may appear to come out badly. -


  1. I'm loving reading your blog more and more. Keep it up!

  2. JazakAllah SI! May Allah (swt) reward you for your encouraging support :)